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5 Year Term Life Premiums On The Rise

If you've been considering buying a new 5 year term life insurance policy, it appears that you would be wise to move quickly. Changing consumer behavior and market conditions have affected the rates you might be paying. Insurance companies' traditional profits have taken a hit during the recent financial crisis, and these losses are being passed on to policy holders in the form of increased premiums. Life insurance costs are getting higher, and some term policies are becoming harder to find in the current marketplace. Term life insurance has been around since 1759, and still works according...


How To Lower Your 30 Yr Term Life Insurance Rates

When comparing 30 yr term life insurance rates, there are a number of variables that insurance companies use to assess your risk, and therefore determine the cost of the policy. Many of those factors, like family medical history, aren't under your direct control. But there are some simple things you can do to lower the cost of your life insurance policy, even after you've signed the contract. Following these tips can significantly reduce your life insurance rates, and many of them are just common sense. Purchase insurance early in life, because age is a significant cost-driving factor for i...


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